Transcendent Order

Faction Philosophy. These guys say that for a body to become one with the multiverse, he’s got to stop thinking and act. Action without thought is the purest form of thought. When a cutter can know what to do without even thinking about it, then he’s become one with the multiverse.

It goes like this. Every berk’s part of the multiverse, and nothing’s apart from it. So it figures that every being knows the right action to take at just the right moment. Problem is, some folks start thinking and mess it all up. Thinking adds hesitation and doubt. It overrules instinct and separates a sod from the multiverse. By the time a poor sod’s thought about something, the right action for the right moment is gone.

So all a berk’s got to do is just quit thinking, right? ‘Course it ain’t that easy. Any addle-cove can blunder in and act without giving it a thought, but that’s not the goal. A body’s got to work hard at learning himself – learning his own mind and instincts until the right action comes automatically. It’s done by training both the body and mind. Just like the way thieves practice their cross-trade, a Cipher’s got to train his mind (the source of action) and body (the actor) to be one thing. There’s no difference between the two, no separation between thought and motion. Body and mind act as one – the hand moves before the thought reaches it.

So what’s all this get a fellow, then? Once mind and body are in harmony, the spirit becomes in tune with the multiverse. A blood understands the purpose of the multiverse and knows just where and how he should be.

Primary Plane of Influence. The Order is strongest on Elysium, the plane of harmonious good. Within Sigil, the Order’s headquarters is found at the Great Gymnasium.

Allies and Enemies. Believing that all truth is found internally, Ciphers don’t seek out friends or enemies among the factions. Most other groups give them a lukewarm reception, although the Harmonium is always suspicious that Ciphers harbor thoughts contrary to universal harmony.

Eligibility. The Transcendent Order is open to any character of at least partly neutral alignment.

Benefits. The training of a Cipher stresses quick and unhesitating action. Thus, all Ciphers re-draw any 2 or 3 for initiative (or any cards up to 7, with the Quick edge).

Restrictions. Because Ciphers act unhesitatingly, they suffer a unique restriction: In play, as soon as an action is stated for a Cipher player character, that cutter is committed to the action. The player can’t say, “Oh, wait, I changed my mind!” Bashers who pause to consider or debate pending actions are failing to adhere to the philosophy.

Transcendent Order

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