Sign of One

Faction Philosophy. Every person, every individual, is unique. This is the greatest glory of the multiverse – that each creature living (and dead) is different from all others. It’s obvious, then, that the multiverse centers around the self, or so this faction would have everyone believe. “It’s quite simple, addle-cove,” one of these sods would say. “The world exists because the mind imagines it. Without the self, the multiverse ceases to be.” Therefore, each Signer is the most important person in the multiverse. Without at least one Signer to imagine it all, the rest of the factions would cease to exist.

Better be nice to the Signers then, berk, because they just might decide to imagine a body right out of existence. Don’t think it can be done? Maybe not, but then a basher’s a fool to take the risk. Lots of folks disappear without a trace, and more than a few are enemies of the Signers. Makes a body think, don’t it?

So, some smart cutter’ll say, what happens if two Signers don’t agree? What if they both think different things? Then what happens? After all, the multiverse is the same for everybody. The answer’s easy for a Signer. Since he’s the center of the universe, then obviously everything else is from his imagination – simple. Nobody else really exists except as he thinks of them, so of course the multiverse is the same. How else could it be?

A lot of folks don’t accept this idea. After all, they point to their own feelings and emotions, their own self, as proof the Signers are wrong. And the Signers simply claim to have imagined it all. What others feel and think isn’t real; only what the Signers feel is.

So exactly who is imagining the multiverse? That part even the Signers don’t know for sure. One of them is, but they can’t agree on which one. The safest bet is just to fall in with their faction, because any Signer could be the source of everything. Remember that, berk.

Primary Plane of Influence. The Signers are strongest on the plane of the Beastlands. Within Sigil, their headquarters is the Hall of Speakers.

Allies and Enemies. The Signers and Sensates share some common points in their philosophies, making the two natural allies. Signers also gain frequent recruits from the Outsiders, who often are comforted by being placed at the center of importance. The Harmonium finds the Signers more than slightly annoying, and the Bleak Cabal’s the most opposed to them of all.

Eligibility. The Sign of One is open to all classes, races, and alignments. However, lawful good and lawful neutral characters may find adhering to the One’s beliefs difficult at best.

Benefits. Because they believe all the world is created from within, Signers are hard to fool with illusions of any type. A Signer automatically gains a reflexive Belief roll when confronted by illusionary magic.

Restrictions. Perhaps because of their often immense egos, Signers have difficulty understanding (or caring about) the motives and feelings of others. Hence, they suffer a -1 penalty to Charisma.

Sign of One

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