Addle-Cove: An unfriendly way to call someone an idiot. Also an adjective, “addle-coved.”
Anarchists: Another name for the Revolutionary League.
Athar: A faction in Sigil. Its members hold that there are no true powers.


Bang Around: To spend idle time in.
Bar That: The politest way to say “shut up”. Often used as a warning.
Barmy: Insane.
Basher: A neutral reference to a person, usually a thug, warrior, or mercenary.
Believers of the Source: A faction in Sigil. They believe that everyone’s got the potential to be a power.
Berk: A fool, especially one who has created a predicament that could have been easily avoided.
Bleak Cabal: A faction with despondent members and a view that life is
Bleakers: Another name for the Bleak Cabal.
Blinds: The dead-ends of the Mazes; also, anything impossible, as in, “He’ll hit the blinds if he lies to that high-up.”
Blood: A mark of high respect, denoting an expert, sage, or professional in any field.
Bob: To cheat: “He was bobbed by that spiv.”
Bone-box: The mouth, so named for its teeth. To “stop rattling one’s bone-box” is to stop speaking.
Brain-box: The head, usually referred to in a crass manner: “Go soak your brain-box!”
Bub: Booze, wine, or ale — usually cheap.
Bubber: A drunkard.


Cabal, The: Another name for the Bleak Cabal.
Cage, The: A common nickname for Sigil, considered derogatory.
Cager: A native or resident of Sigil.
Canny: Wise or talented.
Case: A house or other residence. Positive connotations.
Celestial: An intelligent being native to the Upper Planes.
Center of the Multiverse: A nonexistent point (except in accordance to Signers), typically used in theory.
Chant: News, local gossip, facts, moods, current events. Used often in the form of a question: “What’s the chant?”
Chaosmen: Another name for the Xaositects.
Chiv: A bladed weapon.
Ciphers: Another name for the Transcendent Order.
Clueless: Another name for a Prime.
Coldbloods: Another name for the Fated.
Color Pool: Portals on the Astral Plane that give access to the Prime and the Outer Planes.
Conies: Victims of the cony-catchers.
Cony-catchers: Con men, tricksters, or thieves looking for someone to peel.
Cross-trade: The business of thieving, or anything else illegal or shady.
Cutter: A complimentary term that can refer to anyone (thing). It suggests a certain amount of resourcefulness or daring.


Dark: Any sort of well-kept secret.
Dead, The: Another name for the Dustmen.
Dead-book: The ranks of the dead: “He was put in the dead-book three days ago.”
Deader: Anyone in the dead-book.
Defiers: Another name for the Athar.
Doomguard: A faction in Sigil that believes in entropy and decay.
Dustmen: A faction in Sigil that believes that everyone is dead.


Faction: One of the 15 philosophical groups that hold influence in Sigil. These fifteen include: the Athar, the Believers of the Source, the Bleak Cabal, the Doomguard, the Dustmen, the Fated, the Fraternity of Order, the Free League, the Harmonium, the Mercykillers, the Revolutionary League, the Sign of One, the Society of Sensation, the Transcendent Order, and the Xaositects.
Factol: The leader of a faction.
Factor: The second highest rank in a faction.
Factotum: The rank immediately above namer, but below factor.
Fated: A faction in Sigil that holds that if someone has something, it belongs to him.
Fraternity of Order: A faction in Sigil that believes that knowing physical laws gives a body power.
Free League: A faction in Sigil whose members live as they please, with no allegiance.


Garnish: Bribe money.
Gate: Another term for a portal. All gates in Sigil are generally referred to as portals.
Give ’em the Laugh: To escape or slip through the clutches of someone.
Give the Rope: Term used commonly among thieves with regard to execution.
Go to the Mazes: An idiomatic curse meaning “go away” and wishing a terrible fate on the subject as well.
Godsmen: Another name for the Believers of the Source.
Graybeard: A sage or scholar of any age or gender, despite the nomenclature.
Gully: A gullible person.
Guvners: Another name for the Fraternity of Order.


Hardheads: Another name for the Harmonium.
Harmonium: A faction in Sigil, whose philosophy could be noted as “Do it our way, or no way.”
Heartless: Another name for the Fated.
High-up: Powerful. This can refer to a spell, position, or anything else with power that can theoretically be measured. Also a person of influence. Factols, for example, are high-ups.
Hipped: Stranded.
Hipping the Rube: Stranding someone by pushing him through a one-way portal.


Indeps: Another name for the Free League.


Jink: Money.


Kip: Home or residence, also implying temporary surroundings — a camp or an inn.
Knight of the Cross-trade: A thief, cheat, and a liar.
Knight of the Post: Synonymous with Knight of the Cross-trade.


Lann: To inform.
Leatherhead: A dolt, a dull or thick-witted fellow.
Lost: Dead.
Lost, The: Another name for the Athar.
Lower Planes: The planes of evil alignment, inhabited by fiends.


Madmen: Another name for the Bleak Cabal.
Mazes, The: The nasty little traps the Lady of Pain creates for would-be dictators.
Mark: To make note of.
Mercykillers: A faction of Sigil that believes in absolute justice.
Minder: A bodyguard.
Music: A price a cutter usually doesn’t want to pay, but has to anyway.


Namer: Someone who belongs to a faction in name only, and the first rank in faction membership.
Nick: To attack, cut, or strike someone, often used in threats. Also used to indicate inflicting other “injury” upon a sod, such as stealing from him.


Outsiders: Another name for a Prime, particularly one who doesn’t know how things work on the planes.


Park Your Ears: To eavesdrop, spy upon, or just simply listen intently.
Petitioner: A mortal who has died and reformed on the plane of his alignment and / or deity without memory of his former life. A petitioner’s ultimate goal is to become one with the plane he’s occupying.
Pike It: An all-purpose rude phrase.
Pike Off: To anger someone.
Planar: Any being native to a plane other than the Prime Material. These are living beings, not petitioners.
Planar Conduit: A wormhole-like connection that links two layers of the same plane (or, more rarely, two different planes).
Planewalker: A plane-traveling adventurer. Carries good connotations.
Portal: A doorway allowing passage to (and possibly from) another plane. These are almost always found in bounded spaces like archways, and always require a key.
Power: A being of incredible might, drawing energy from those who worship it and able to grant spells to priests.
Prime: The Prime Material Plane or someone from it. Also a single prime-material world.
Proxy: The direct servant of a power, usually a petitioner and a [former] mortal servant of that power.


Red Death: Another name for the Mercykillers.
Revolutionary League: A faction in Sigil that wants to see all the factions destroyed.
Ride: An adventure, task, or undertaking.
Rube: A naive or clueless person, though not necessarily a prime.


Scan: Look, listen, or learn.
Scrag: To catch or arrest.
Screed: A monotonous tirade, or unknowledgeable speech.
Sensates: Another name for the Society of Sensation.
Sign of One: A faction in Sigil whose members state that all is created by someone’s thoughts (probably a Signer).
Signers: Another name for the Sign of One.
Sinkers: Another name for the Doomguard.
Society of Sensation: A faction in Sigil that believes life’s got to be experienced to be understood.
Sod: An unfortunate or poor soul.
Sodding: A derogatory term used to express magnitude.
Sparkle: Specifically a diamond, but also any gem.
Spellslinger: A wizard.
Spiv: An individual who lives by his wits alone.


Takers: Another name for the Fated.
Thunderstruck: Insane.
Top-Shelf: Greatest or best.
Transcendent Order: A faction in Sigil, which believes that the truest responses occur when a body acts without thinking.
Tumble To: To understand, figure, or find out something.
Turn Stag: To betray someone or use treachery.
Twig: To take a liking.


Upper Planes: The planes of good alignment, inhabited by Celestials.


Well-Lanned: Connected, in-touch.
Wigwag: To chat or talk.


Xaositects: A faction in Sigil, based around the theory that the multiverse is entirely random.


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