Faction Philosophy. According to these folks, the great and feared powers are liars! Those who claim to be the “gods” of the planes are just mortals like us. Yeah, they’re unbelievably powerful, but they’re not gods. After all, they can die, they’ve got to keep their followers happy, and they often feud among themselves like children. Thor, Zeus, and the others – they’re all impostors.

Sure, there might be a true god, or maybe even more than one, but such power is beyond all understanding. Such beings cannot be seen, spoken to, or understood by mortals. What’s the proof? Look at the spells and granted powers of priests. Where do these abilities really come from? Why, it must be from the unknowable, from the true god that is behind everything, and the powers are nothing but channels for its will. Foolish mortals believe the powers are the source of all majesty, and why would the powers do anything to correct that mistake?

Ysgard, Mechanus, Baator, and the like are all lies, too. These planes aren’t the abodes of supreme beings, just lands shaped by the wills of the powers. Anyone could do it with enough expertise. All the sweat and worry of petitioners ain’t just for oneness with their plane – it’s for a greater reward, if there’s any at all. Proxies are merely magical or bio-magical transformations, the result of natural planar magic.

‘Course, the Athar ain’t stupid. “Let the powers call themselves gods,” they say. “It ain’t worth the laugh, because there’s no point upsetting the powers.” With all that might, an angry power’d be a dangerous enemy. All the Athar want is to part the veil, discover the secret behind everything, and look on the face of the unknowable.

Primary Plane of Influence. The Astral, where the Athar point to the bodies of the dying powers as proof of their beliefs. The Athar headquarters in Sigil is the Shattered Temple, a place once dedicated to the now dead and forgotten god Aoskar.

Allies and Enemies. The philosophy of the Athar is similar to the Believers of the Source. They are frequently allies, but not always.

Eligibility. The Athar are one of the few factions with class restrictions. Priests of specific deities are never members of this faction, since it’s impossible to maintain faith in a “charlatan” deity. Clerics (believers in the greater power) can be members, though. Members can be of any race or alignment.

Benefits. Followers of the Athar faction gain a +2 bonus to resist Miracles from servants of the powers.

Restrictions. Because Athars deny the validity of the powers, they refuse to aid, or accept aid from, priests of the powers (which few priests would offer, regardless). Only the most dire circumstances can compel a priest to violate this restriction.


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