Aasimar are the other side of the tiefling coin. Like tieflings, aasimar are plane-touched. But while tieflings have the blood of some sort of lower-planar creature in their veins, aasimar are the scions, or descendants of scions, of celestial beings from the Upper Planes.

These folk generally appear as gloriously beautiful humans with golden hair, fair skin, and piercing eyes. They might be mistaken for half-elves, or even true aasimon, for their innate purity and inhuman glory. Most aasimar are true to their sires and the blood that courses through their veins, being true of heart, courageous, and honest to a fault. Their nobility and goodness are legendary. Nevertheless, a few turn stag and become as untrustworthy a bunch of spivs as ever plied the cross-trade.

Unlike other plane-touched, aasimar are rarely orphaned or abandoned by their nonhuman parent. Though usually raised by the human parent in human communities, the celestial — if possible — tries to maintain at least some contact or provide some influence in the child’s life, guiding him along on the “right path.”

Aasimar often attempt to pass as normal humans in order to right wrongs and defend goodness in a mortal community. They strive to fit into society, although they usually rise to the top as cream rises above milk, becoming revered leaders and honorable heroes.

Aasimar are slightly taller and moderately more slight of frame than humans. Females average between 4’9" and 5’8", and typically weigh between 95 and 135 pounds. Males are generally six inches taller (5’3" to 6’2") and fifty pounds heavier (145-185 pounds).


  • All aasimar start with a d6 in Spirit and Strength, and may raise these Attributes as high as d12+1 through normal advancement.
  • They are more ephemeral than sturdy, however, so their Vigor is limited to a d8 rating.

Edges and Hindrances

  • An aasimar’s celestial heritage shapes the character of his soul; even the worst of them still has a few honorable or admirable qualities. All aasimar have a Major Hindrance (Code of Honor, Heroic, or Overconfident, at the player’s choice), and a Minor Hindrance (Loyal or Pacifist). They receive no additional points for these, nor do they count toward the total number of Hindrances a character may have.

Other Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Aasimar inherit the beauty and presence of their celestial forebears, providing them a +2 Charisma bonus.
  • Like their celestial forebears, aasimar are resistant to extreme environments (+2 bonus).
  • An aasimar’s heightened senses provide them a free d6 rating in the Notice skill.
  • All aasimar have thermal vision to a range of 60’ (all darkness penalties halved).
  • Aasimar with Sorcery powers gain an additional five Power Points.
  • Aasimar without an Arcane Background in Sorcery gain a random power from the following table, as well as a d4 casting skill and five Power Points with which to use it.
d12 Roll Power
1 Armor
2 Boost or Lower Trait (Boost Trait only)
3 Charm
4 Darksight
5 Deflection
6 Detect or Conceal Arcana
7 Environmental Protection
8 Healing
9 Light or Obscure (Light only)
10 Mind Reading
11 Speak Language
12 Succor


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