Half-elves on the planes are both more and less unique than those on the Prime. More rare, because there are far fewer planar half-elves than prime ones; less unusual, because when compared to such plane-touched creatures as genasi and tieflings, a half-elf barely raises an eyebrow. To most planars, half-elves are simply pointy-eared humans, without any special distinctiveness to set them apart.

Half-elves are usually shorter and slighter of frame than humans, though not as much so as elves. Females stand between 4’7" and 5’3" on average, weighing 90 to 120 pounds. Males are roughly seven inches taller and 25 pounds heavier.


  • Half-elves are as nimble as their elven ancestors, starting with a d6 in Agility that can be raised to d12+1 through normal advancement.

Edges and Hindrances

  • A half-elf also inherits some of the adaptive learning ability of her human parentage. All half-elves may choose a bonus Edge at character creation, at no cost.

Other Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Another gift of their elven blood, half-elves have thermal vision to a range of 60’ (all darkness penalties halved).


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